Our Construction Heavy Hauling Services are top notch, and you may be wondering:  Why should I work with Equipment Express to haul your Construction Equipment?

That’s a question we’re delighted to answer and at Equipment Express, we’ve hauled all kinds of heavy equipment and the most that we haul is oversized construction equipment.   You need a partner you can trust and has the experience to work within your industry.  We have that in spades.  Equipment Express is dedicated to move your investment to its destination securely and safely.

Image of a yellow oversized construction equipment being lowered onto a 50 foot removable gooseneck trailer pulled by a blue semi with a gray racing stripe on an Equipment Express Trailer hauled by a blue/gray truck with Construction Heavy Hauling Services

Our Construction Heavy Hauling Services specialize in OVERSIZED equipment.  The BIGGER the BETTER.  We’ll get your overweight and sensitive construction equipment from Point A to Point B quickly AND Safely.  Give is your toughest job and we’ll prove that we can handle it.

We’re here to partner with you and ready to help you move your Oversized Construction Equipment.  Simply send us a request with as much information as you have about your haul and we’ll be in touch right away.