Did you know that our Heavy Hauling Specialists also work in moving oversized Generators among other equipment?  Sometimes we’re asked “Why should Equipment Express be my Heavy Haul Trucking Company of choice?”

This is a great question because you need a partner you can trust and has the experience to work within your industry.  Our staff at Equipment Express is dedicated to move your heaviest and most sensitive equipment to its destination securely and safely.  In fact, SAFTEY is our number one priority when it comes to moving anything because of the responsibility we carry over the road.

Blue eighteen wheeler hauling a an oversized generator on a removable gooseneck trailer in a rural area on a two lane road with Generator Heavy Hauling Services by Equipment Express

We specialize in Hauling OVERSIZED Generators among other Heavy and Delicate Equipment.  The BIGGER the BETTER.  Give our specialist in our Heavy Hauling Services your toughest job and we’ll prove that we can move your biggest and heaviest Generators quickly and safely.

Our Heavy Hauling Trucking Company is here to partner with you and ready to help.  Simply send us a request with as much information as you have about your Generators and we’ll be in touch right away.

  • Royal Blue semi truck on the freeway with a yellow oversize load banner attached to the bumper pulling an oversized load on a 5 axle removable gooseneck trailer - Texas Heavy Haul Trucking Company - Equipment Express LLC